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Estetica Salon Services

Complimentary Hair Evaluation and Consultation
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Women Services:
Men Services:
Hair Styling~$35 & upHaircut & Style~$28
Formal Hair Style Up Do~$50 & upHair Color Only~$45
Haircut only~$44 & upPerm~$85
Haircut and Style~$65 & up Hair Relaxer~$160
Hair Color only~$49 & upBeard Trim~$6
Hair Color and Style~$80 & up
Kids & Teens Services:
Hair Color, Cut and Style~$100 & up- Package ($ Saver!)Haircut (age12&under)~$15 to $20
Full Foil Highlights(Style included)~$130 & up Haircut (age 11-14) Girls~$25
Double Process Hair Color and Style~$120 &up Haircut (age11-14) Boys~$20
Full Foil Highlights, Cut and Style~$145 &up- Package($ Saver!) Hair Styling~$15 to $20 Long Hair Extra
Partial Foil Highlites~$6 each & up
Nail Services: